Trogir is a charming coastal town located in Croatia, specifically in the central part of the Dalmatian coast.

With its rich history and well-preserved architecture, Trogir has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The town is situated on a small island connected to the mainland and the larger island of Čiovo by bridges. Its strategic position has made it an important trading port throughout its existence. Trogir boasts a unique blend of architectural styles, reflecting its diverse influences over the centuries. You can find traces of Greek, Roman, Venetian, and medieval Croatian architecture, creating a captivating atmosphere.

The most prominent landmark in Trogir is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence, an impressive structure built in the 13th century. Its main portal, sculpted by Master Radovan, is considered a masterpiece of Romanesque-Gothic art. The cathedral is just one of many historical sites that make exploring the narrow streets and alleys of Trogir a delightful experience.

The old town of Trogir is enclosed by medieval walls, and within them lies a maze of picturesque streets filled with charming shops, cafes, and restaurants. The main square, known as the St. John Square, is a popular gathering place, offering a vibrant atmosphere and a variety of cultural events.

Trogir also has a beautiful waterfront promenade, where you can enjoy stunning views of the sea and the surrounding islands. From here, you can embark on boat trips to nearby destinations such as the stunning Blue Lagoon and the enchanting island of Šolta.

In addition to its architectural and historical significance, Trogir offers a vibrant cultural scene. The town hosts various festivals and events throughout the year, including the Trogir Summer Festival, which features music, dance, and theater performances.

With its combination of history, natural beauty, and a welcoming atmosphere, Trogir is a must-visit destination for those exploring the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or simply enjoying the Mediterranean ambiance, Trogir offers a memorable experience for every visitor.